#1b Natural Black Hair Extensions and Wigs


#1b in our color ring is natural black or off black. It’s the color of original black hair, like most of Brazilian natural hair and Indian natural hair, and Asian natural hair. And our natural black hair is directly elected from the cut hair bulk from Brazilian people, Indian people or Asian people. So there will be some genuine brown or blonde hair among natural black hair bundles. But take it easy, the application effect will be real and natural if you put them on your head seamlessly and firmly. And natural black hair extensions and wigs are fit for people in different skin colors. You can get that from those authentic examples.

natural black hair natural black hair-1 18-1b-100-Virgin-Brazilian-Hair

They are glamorous, aren’t they? How about having a try? These are some favorites.

32inch #1b Natural Black Clip in Human Hair Extensions 11pcs Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave #1B Natural Black 10 Pcs Luxurious Lot 16inch #1b Natural Black Curly Micro Loop Hair Extensions 100s



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    1. Thank you. But we only accept orders directly placed at our website. If you want hair goods that would no same samples on our webpage, you can tell us its in details via emails at hpbservicecenter@gmail.com. We can offer you some discount at the same time.

  1. Glad to find this blog, this hair extensions store online. I’ll order sth.. If the product is good, I’ll have a long term collaboration with you.

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