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Bronde–One of The Hottest Hair Color Trends In 2016


Hi ladies, did you once notice one popular hair color in the past 2015? The hair color trend has spread like a virus around the world during the past whole year, and the trend will not cease in the new year. Many people, ranging from super models on the runway and A-list on the red carpet, to common people on the street, adopted the hair shade to turn heads. So, what’s the hair color? It is bronde, which is a cross between blonde and brunette. It is of possibility that you think that you misread the word, just like me. But well, you read it right. It is bronde, not blonde, which is a hair color trend that is as hot as ombre, balayage and blonde.

So, how did the trend rise? The first celebrity who dyed her hair on this way is Blake Lively, and then J Lo followed tightly. Nowadays, quite a lot of celebrities are fans of the hair color trend.

blake livelybronde

Bronde is a hair shade that looks pretty on those who have olive skin, while for people with pale skin, other hairstyles or other hair shades are more suitable. For a stunning bronde hair color, you can get a combination of lowlights and highlights which can give you the tones of a coffee latte shade, deep golden blonde, bronze and amber. In case that you can not make sure which tones are right for your skin and eye color, it is suggested that you consult with your hairstylist.

One of the biggest advantages of bronde hair shade lies in that it does not require a lot of maintenance. It is unnecessary for you to go to the salon frequently when you are wearing this hair color. From my point of view, this low-maintenance and very flattering hair shade is appealing to me a lot. Do you share the same opinion with me? Here I am going to show you how amazing this hair color trend is.

bronde hair bronde hair look bronde hair shade chrissy-teigen-hair-2014- gallery-1436370559-gty-cara-delevingne-bronde Gigi-Hadid-Hair-Colors-for-2016-Winter

Well, get some inspiration from these images? Will you be one of the followers of this hair color trend?

16-inch-refined-three-colors-clip-in-human-hair-extensions-body-wave-9pcs-22599-t_ 18-inch-harmonious-ombre-clip-in-remy-human-hair-extensions-three-tone-body-wave-9pcs-22609-t_


7 Trendy Hair Colors In 2016

Well, 2016 is already here now. It is time for us to keep up to date with the fashion, whether it is about clothes trends, hair color trends, hairstyle trends and so on. So, this is the case, and that’s why I introduce this “7 Trendy Hair Color In 2016” here to you. Keep on reading this article, and check which popular hair colors are your favorite.

It is more or less common sense for us that a new year usually goes with a new look. The new look will be prettier if it is not out of fashion. Therefore, it is important for us to get the fashion information that we are interested in, such as hair color trends and hairstyle trends. In case that we would like to make some changes in our look, it is suggested that we start from our hair.


In the content followed, there are pictures of celebrities who rocked or are rocking trendy hair colors fantastically. By admiring the awesome appearance of these popular hair colors, we can make it clear to some extent that whether these colors suit us or not, after considering our skin color, face shape, etc. Now, let’s have a look at part of the most trendy hair colors in 2016.


Blonde hair has never been out of style. Its variants have been rocked by a plenty of people. For those who already have blonde hair and are not ready to go with a darker shade, honey blonde is definitely something that satisfies them a lot.

Honey-Blonde-Hair-Color-Ideashoney Blonde_Hair_Color_Idea_2014_04


Do you find it difficult to distinguish from buttery blonde and honey blonde? Well, to be honest, there is a slight difference between these two blonde colors. For those who have blonde hair, these two shades are good options. From my point of view, I like honey blonde better. How about you?

buttery Blonde_Hair_Color_Idea_buttery Blonde_Hair_Color_Idea


Tell from the word “BRONDE”, we can find out that bronde hair shade is the blend of brunette and blonde. Bronde was one of the most popular hair colors in 2015. As a hair shade that looks spectacular and fascinating on everybody, it will be on trend in 2016 as well. Blake Lively and Cara Delevingne are the two celebrities who rocked bronde fabulously.


Creamy Yellow

Like buttery blonde and honey blonde, creamy yellow is one pretty hair color for girls with blonde hair. Look at the pictures below, don’t you think this hair color looks amazing?

creamy yellow


Strawberry gold is one of the hottest hair colors in 2015. Celebrities like Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams have amazed their fans by showing off the strawberry gold hair trend. Do I dare to dye my hair strawberry gold? Fine, I need to consult my hairstylist first, LOL!

strawberry-blondestrawberry gold blake-lively


Another bold hair color, just like strawberry gold. For those who dare to make big changes, champagne red hair color trend is so awesome. It is a hair color that will definitely turn heads.

champagne redLOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 30:  Actress Christina Hendricks arrives at the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium on January 30, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


Compared with strawberry gold hair, cinnamon hair shade is darker and it more vibrant and fiery. Those who choose this color can surely freshen up themselves and be the eye-catching point easily.

cinamon hair cinamon

Awesome Hair Color Ideas for 2015 Winter

It can not be denied that women are super creative when it comes to the ideas of standing out from the crowd. Speaking of these ideas, original colouristic solutions can be listed. There is no reason to deny that no matter how brilliantly your haircut or hairstyle flatters your face, the selection of a perfect hair color can spice up your hair look drastically. Your hair makeover tends to be much more awesome with fantastic hair colors.

Even though when choosing your hair color, you need to take into account a lot of factors, such as your skin tone, and the general degree of contrast between your hair, skin and eyes, there are still a wide variety of hair colors that will make you feel satisfied personally. In addition to a wide range of solid colors, highlights, lowlights, ombre or rainbows can be applied to your hairstyles to add more exclusiveness.

Well, because of the large amount of hair color available, you may be in need of some color inspiration, right? Here I am going to list some awesome hair color ideas that are popular in the winter of 2015.

Hair Color Trends in the Winter of 2015

 2015 winter hair color trend Image from Pinterestash blonde for holiday season images from pinteresash blondeImages from Pinterest
blonde hair color 2015 winter hair color trend
Image from Pinterest
  • Ash and cool blondes. There is no sign to reveal that blonde hair colors that look pretty awesome cool down in the winder of 2015. They are still being seen here and there, ranging from street snaps to fashion runways. These hair hues looks fabulous even with darker roots.
red hair with highlightsImage from Pinterest Dark red rich hair color with caramel highlights  (2)
Image from Pinterest
 Auburn with a bit of blonde highlights 
Image from Pinterest
Red auburn hair with caramel highlights
Image from Pinterest
  • Red auburn with highlights. Well, red auburn and highlights have been all the rage in 2015, and there is no exception to the cold winter. Auburn, the pretty hot hair color, warms up the cold weather in no minute, and its cooperation with trendy highlights makes it stand out from others easily.
purple hair colorImage from Pinterestpurple 
Image from Pinterest
Subtle plum locks
Image from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest
  • Eye-catching purples. Purple locks are so popular this season. They can be even to abreast of redheads to some extent and they are surely one scene in the cold winter.





#24 Ash Blonde Hair

So many people are keen to have a beautiful blonde hair look. And with a cool blonde hair look, you would look relax and lessen the hot feeling in sunny hot days. #24 ash blonde is one kind of blondes. And it is also endowed with ash element, being a subtle color. It can be naturally matching with many colors, relieving the clash among colors. Therefore, #24 ash blonde hairstyles and hair assistants are catching more and more attention. Even our most awards winner on 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift, loves the #24 ash blonde hair.


Would you need #24 ash blonde hair extensions or wigs to help you create your own cool ash blonde hair looks? You could scan those ones.

16inch #24 Ash Blonde Tape on Human Hair Extensions 20pcs 22inch #24 Ash Blonde Curly Micro Loop Hair Extensions 100s 18inch #24 Ash Blonde Wavy Nail Tip Human Hair Extensions 100sStraight Medium Hair Wigs #24 Ash Blonde

Of course, to have the pure ash blonde hairstyles may not meet your requirements. Meanwhile, to be fashionable, you could attempt ash blonde mixed hair, ash blonde ombre hair or ash blonde balayge hair. Look! Those hair looks are unusual, right? You can also get your own chic and dyed ash blonde hair without dyeing. We could offer the high quality customization. Or you could get what you would like by inspired from those hair and looks.

Brazilian Remy Hair Body Wave #4 and 24 Mixed Weft Sets

ash blonde with highlights and lowlights short hair ash blonde blend long hair ash blonde with highlights and caramel balayge hair ash blonde ombre long wavy hair ash blonde balayge with a chocolate brown base

#12 Golden Brown Hair Extensions & Wigs


#12 golden brown hair color is the hair color between brown and gold, which is a shiny hair color. It’s a flattering hair color to most people, presenting grace and luster. And more, the #12 golden brown wavy hair look is very gorgeous, looking like full and charming. You can see.

Golden-Brown-Hair Golden Brown Hair #12 Golden Brown Hair Extensions #12 golden brown hair extensions

To make your own golden brown hairstyles, only if you need, you can choose the more healthy and convenient assistants, like instant golden brown clip inhale hair extensions, and #12 tape on hair extensions, semi-permanent #12 nail tip hair extensions, golden brown hair wefts, and golden brown micro loop hair extensions. Even #12 golden brown wigs are available choices.

32inch #12 Golden Brown Clip in Hair Extensions Curly 7pcs Brazilian Remy Hair Body Wave #12 Golden Brown Hair Wefts 10inch Wavy Short Full Lace Wigs #12 Golden Brown

#8 Ash Brown Hair Extensions & Wigs

Congratulations! Taylor Swift becomes the most glorious winner on this 2015 Billboard Music Awards. She is definitely one of talent and diligent women musicians in recent years. All those awards she had got from she started her music career on have proved her. And without doubt, she has been a representative of the Fume Blanc in Juan. As we all know she likes making various hairstyles to foil herself. Do you see her neat and sexy image on the Awards? Catch your attention, right?

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, in the ash brown short hair, is enjoying her glorious moment. So many awards that her hands couldn’t completely hold on to them.
You can believe the ash brown hair will be a new trend hair color in the hairstyle and the market of hair extensions and wigs soon. Next we’ll see other glaring ash brown hairstyles.

Kristen Stewart

Beautiful Kristen Stewart wears her long and flowing ash brown hair.

Angelina Jolie

Graceful Angelina Jolie is in her intellectual and casual long ash brown hair.


This is the soft ash brown wavy hair look. Glamours, right?

#8 Ash Brown Hair

Above is the real experience with our ash brown human hair extensions, seamless and nice, isn’t it?

You can also have your fashion and attractive ash brown hair look regardless of which color your own hair in, short or long, wavy or curl. But please note that ash brown color hair will be better to foil the white skin color. Followings are more fascinating hair extensions and wigs in most people’s eyes. You can take them as the reference. We’ll ready to offer you the good quality ash brown hair at a great price. Other customization is also welcomed.

28inch #8 Ash Brown Clip in Remy Human Hair Extensions 7pcs

16inch #8 Ash Brown Straight Brazilian Virgin Hair Wefts

18inch #8 Ash Brown Tape in Human Hair Extensions 20pcs


#4 Medium Brown Hair Extensions and Wigs

#4 Medium Brown Hair

When it comes to brown hair, there are also several shades, from dark, to ash, to light. And they take up a large part of needs in the market of hair extensions and wigs. One of the reason couldn’t be denied is that as well as black, brown hair can foil any kind of skin color. #4 medium brown, as one shade of browns, certainly has many fans all over the world. Like these, they’re enjoying their medium brown hairstyles.

#4 Medium Brown Hair

#4 Medium Brown Hair #4 Medium Brown Hair #4 Medium Brown Hair #4 Medium Brown Hair

Are you natural medium brown hair? If you’re eager to have the long medium brown hairstyle but with the short hair; if you want to change the texture of your own medium brown hair to create a gorgeous wavy or curly and long hair look; if you go after glamorous medium brown hairs but you have the different natural hair color, how to do?
Every one should realize to love yourself is the most important. To have any kind of nice medium brown hairstyle in the healthy way with less time, to apply medium brown hair extensions or wigs is the wise choice. Here are some hot recommended by so many people, you can take them into your consideration.

26inch #4 Medium Brown Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions 100s 22inch #4 Medium Brown Clip in Hair Extensions Full French Wavy 9pcs

28inch #4 Medium Brown Long Tape in Hair Extensions Body Wave 20pcs 12-34inch Brazilian Remy Hair Body Wave #4 Medium Brown Hair Wefts 20-inch-wavy-long-lace-front-wigs--4-medium-brown-12820-tv

#1 Jet Black Hair Extensions and Wigs

In the market of hair extensions and wigs, there are two shades of black. One is the original color of most natural black hair. It is said to have some other colors hair among a bundle of natural black hair. The other one is jet black, which is blacker than natural black. And #1 jet black hair extensions and wigs look more glossy than natural black hair extensions and wigs. With a head of jet black hair, you would extra take on a kind of look with the exotic and mysterious feeling. Moreover, this kind of color can also match well with any kind of skin color. Please see these customers’ feedback.#1 Jet Black Hair #1 Jet Black Hair #1 Jet Black Hair #1 Jet Black Hair

To have your own glamorous jet black hair looks in less time without possible chemical or physical damage, following you’re recommended those #1 Jet Black hair extensions and wigs to take as your beauty assistance.

32inch #1 Jet Black Clip in Human Hair Extensions 11pcs 26inch #1 Jet Black Tape in Hair Extensions Body Wave 20pcs 20inch #1 Jet Black Curly Micro Loop Hair Extensions 100s 14inch #1 Jet Black Curly Brazilian Virgin Hair Wefts 22-inch-wavy-long-full-lace-wigs--1-jet-black-13246-tv

#27 Strawberry Blonde Hair Extensions and Wigs

Among all shades of blondes, besides, #613 and #60 are most popular hair colors in the market of hair extensions and wigs, #27 Strawberry blonde hair is also in most need. Even though, at different stores , #27 has a little difference. At our website, we don’t divide #27 into branch shades. You can see, we define #27 as the solid color, as following.

#27 Strawberry Blonde Hair

#27 Strawberry Bonde Hair #27 Strawberry Blonde Hair

#27 Strawberry Blonde Hair

According to our sale feedback, there are several goods in #27 strawberry blonde that are great choices. Certainly, welcome to choose what you would like at our website.

28inch #27 Strawberry Blonde Clip in Human Hair Extensions 11pcs Brazilian Remy Hair Body Wave #27 Strawberry Blonde 16inch #27 Strawberry Blonde Body Wave Micro loop Hair Extensions 100 Strands 14inch Straight Medium Hair Wigs #27 Strawberry Blonde

#1b Natural Black Hair Extensions and Wigs


#1b in our color ring is natural black or off black. It’s the color of original black hair, like most of Brazilian natural hair and Indian natural hair, and Asian natural hair. And our natural black hair is directly elected from the cut hair bulk from Brazilian people, Indian people or Asian people. So there will be some genuine brown or blonde hair among natural black hair bundles. But take it easy, the application effect will be real and natural if you put them on your head seamlessly and firmly. And natural black hair extensions and wigs are fit for people in different skin colors. You can get that from those authentic examples.

natural black hair natural black hair-1 18-1b-100-Virgin-Brazilian-Hair

They are glamorous, aren’t they? How about having a try? These are some favorites.

32inch #1b Natural Black Clip in Human Hair Extensions 11pcs Brazilian Virgin Hair Body Wave #1B Natural Black 10 Pcs Luxurious Lot 16inch #1b Natural Black Curly Micro Loop Hair Extensions 100s