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human hair extensions and hair wigs in best hair color

#60 White Blonde Hair

As the lightest blonde, #60 white blonde hair extensions and wigs are the preferable choice to many people. You can find or ask us to custom your #60 white blonde hair extensions or wigs at our website. There are several most complimented kinds of #60 white blonde hair extensions. You can take them as reference. 

22 Inch #60 White Blonde Nail Tip Human Hair Extensions 100S           20 Inch #60 White Blonde Micro Loop Human Hair Extensions 100S

18 Inch #60 White Blonde Simple Tape In Hair Extensions Body Wave 20 Pcs             30 Inch #60 White Blonde Clip In Human Hair Extensions 11pcs

And even for the #60 white blonde nail tip human hair extensions 100s, you can request to custom them into 1g/strand, though the cost will be a little more than the 0.6g/strand. The same to the #60 white blonde micro loop human hair extensions 100s.
There have been so many customers enjoying those hair’s use and nice. Why don’t you? Beautiful experience with them is the best guarantee for you. Let’s see.

#60 white blonde hair

#60 white blonde hair

#60 Bleach Blonde Hair-1

#60 white blonde hair-3


#2 Darkest Brown Hair

Hello, everybody! In the market of hair extensions and wigs, the solid colors, blacks, browns and blondes are the main trend colors. And as brown hair extensions and wigs, they are fit for nature brown hair people or those who want to change to have new brown hair looks. When it comes to single #2 darkest brown hair extensions and wigs, they can be found in two kinds. You can see from following. Both of them are nice and popular. Please pay a little more attention on them when you choose your #2 darkest brown hair extensions and wigs.

32inch #2 Dark Brown Clip in Straight Human Hair Extensions 10pcs

Dark Brown Hair 22inches

20inch curly long hair #2 dark-brown

24 Inch Glaring #2 Dark Brown Curly Micro Loop Hair Extensions 100 Strands

#2 Dark Brown Hair

#2 Darkest Brown 22inches

Hair Extensions

Weave Weft Hair Extensions
Weave hair extensions is the hair wefts without any applying articles attached. So there are more options for it to apply. Among them, sewing is the most general method. Others, you can extra add clips, or tapes, or micro beads and rings, or keratin articles to apply the hair wefts to the head. And in the market of hair extensions, there are two kinds of most popular hair wefts, Brazilian hair and Indian hair, which are just different in their hair sources. The former is selected from Brazilian people’s hair, the latter does from Indian people’s hair.


Clip-in Hair Extensions
Clip-in hair extensions is the hair wefts pre-sewn with small and convenient extensions’ clips. Our extensions’ clips are all made up of stainless steel and protected with silicone covers. And clip-in hair extensions is easy to apply only by snapping those clips in seconds. But please spray some hair spray to style the hair that the extensions’ hair will be added to, especially which is important for fine and short original hair.(To be honest, this kind of hair extensions isn’t the better option for short original hair.) So that, this kind of hair extensions can be firmly on the head. If you wanna wear it in daily life, please take it off and re-apply it everyday. Its clips can be replaced. It is known as the most convenient and simplest hair extensions.


Tape-in Hair Extensions
Tape-in hair extensions is the hair wefts pre-attached with two-double sides adhesive tapes. It is also a kind of much simple and convenient hair extensions. Peeling the protect covers of those tapes, the hair extensions can be added seamlessly and tightly to the head. Nonetheless, those tapes couldn’t experience heat and you’d better use professional removing spray/liquid to take it down to avoid possible harm to your own hair. Then, one natural application of tape-in hair extensions can be kept longer on the head, compared with clip-in hair extensions.


Micro Loop Hair Extensions
Micro loop hair extensions is the hair wefts pre-tied with tiny beads and rings. Its application would need help from others and cost much more time than clip-in ones and tape-in ones, only applying strand by strand. But it can be repositioned without possible mess. And one right application of it can also be kept for a long time without any harm to your hair. It can be reused.


Fusion Hair Extensions
Fusion hair extensions is the hair wefts pre-bonded with keratin articles, which is the natural element of original hair. There are two kinds of applying methods on this kind of hair extensions. One is the prevailed method, hot fusion, which is operated by hairdressers or your friends with the extensions heating tool; the other one is the cold fusion, which is more safer but also need use the relative tool. So its application needs cost much time, too. But the application can be kept on the head for long time in return, half a year or a year or something. The best is to take it off not more than the 6th month to keep the safety and health.