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What is the best clip in human hair extensions

There are three kinds of hair in the market, which are, human hair, synthetic hair and animal hair, they are of different advantages, but as we all konw that, the human hair among these three is the best quality and most expensive, However, our topic is the clip in hair extensions. So what is the best clip in human hair extension?

In general, there are three kinds of hair in the market, which are, human hair, synthetic hair and animal hair, they are of different advantages, but as we all konw that, the human hair among these three is the best quality and most expensive. Ok, let’s talk our topic, the clip in hair extensions.


So to the clip in human hair extension, there are different grades in names, such as, virgin hair, remy hair, virgin remy hair, non- remy hair, but what is the best one among them?
From the best to worst, here is the ranking, virgin remy hair, virgin hair, remy hair, non-remy hair. Which we can tell the from the below pictures,

difference between remy hair and non remy hair virgin hair with cuticles

The virgin hair are of unprocessed hair cuticles, and the virgin remy are of the same direction unprocessed hair cuticles, which make the virgin remy hair is the best quatlity hair, and the non-virgin hair, which the hair cuticles maybe not in the same direction or damged after dying, curled or ironed. So the virgin hair mostly cut from one girls, which make them expensive, and that only make into hair weft.

By the way, the differences between virgin hair and the remy hair are base on the processed or not, some hair were cut directly from one donor, that is no doubt of the best quality human hair at all, and that is the virgin hair. While the remy hair, they are not collect directly from one donor or person, they may collected from the bar from different persons, and selected by people or machine tell the hair from the hair head to end, so that is remy hair.


So mostly the clip in hair extensions are clip in remy hair extension , not the clip in virgin hair, because of the hair are collected not just cut from donors, then next time, when you heard some told you that is the virgin clip in hair, will you trust him or her?

Basically, the natural color clip in hair extesnion is the better quatliy, because the hair cuticles will be damged after processing or dying, curling, and that is why the natural clip in hair extension can be dyed or curled into your favorite style, but the ombre clip in hair extensions are not recommanded to change its color more times, because they will harm the hair cuticles and shorten the hair’s life.


So the best clip in human hair extension should be made with the clip in virgin remy hair extension, though it is seldom sold on the market, then will be the clip in remy hair extension and the colored clip in hair extension.


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