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Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytail is one of the most classic hairstyles. It can be various, simple, sophisticated, casual and elegant etc. It’s never out of date. And it can be seen welcomed on people’s head all around year. No matter you are short hair or long hair, with convenient and fashionable hair pieces, you certainly need make your ponytails to get cool in this hot summer. And you can see there have been so many celebrities getting their ponytails catching our attention. Saving the budget of going to hairdresser’s stores, learn to tease your own enchanting ponytails with less time, why not?
Following I have collected several kinds of ponytail hairstyles as your reference. They are nice and attracting. Enjoy!

Simple-High-Ponytail Sleek-Low-Ponytail

Simple High Ponytail and Simple Low Ponytail
They are the most effortless ponytails, sleek or wavy, simple, casual or lovely.


Half up and Half down Ponytail
It is one kind of the easiest ponytails to express the charm of morbidezza.


Side Ponytails with Bangs
This kind of ponytails look cute. Of course, you can also take the side swept bangs. And leave some loose hair to frame your face. All of them can mark your youth.
Those simple ponytails are prevalent. But to be characteristic yourself, fewer changes, bigger difference. Such as:


Colorful High Ponytails
To compare with the hot feeling in the summer, single hair color seems to be dull. The same to ponytail hairstyles. To add ombre colors on the ends of them looks absolutely stunning. What colors are most popular? This year is for rainbow colors. Every day is the real sunny day in the heart. Nice!

 Easy-Bubble-Pontytail-Hairdo  Bubbled-Low-Ponytail

High Bubble Ponytail and Low Bubble Ponytail
Those ponytails are also easy to create. They are just a little different from simple high or low ponytails, by using extra elastics. Nonetheless, the longer your hair is, the more glamorous the hairstyle is.

 Elegant-Curly-Ponytail with the bump high ponytail with bump

Elegant curly ponytail with the bump
From the second picture above, you can get that it’s easy to create the curly ponytail with the bump, which looks elegant and cute. And if you wear chandelier earrings to match with this kind of hairdo. You’re believed to be graceful and attract more attention.

 Longer-Ponytail-Trick fuller and longer ponytail with own natural hair

“Fake” Long Ponytail
Besides utilizing ponytail pieces and hair extensions, you can also have a longer ponytail than before just with your own hair. That is “fake” long ponytail method. You could get it in details from above the second picture. In few minutes, you can double the size of your ponytail. Crazy, right?


Twisted High Ponytail
You can do all of your hair back into a ponytail, then twist it into small sections with clear elastics. How many sections? It’s up to your willing.


Twisted Side Ponytail
Compared with twisted high ponytail, twisted side ponytail seems to add a little more feminine feeling of morbidezza. And it is suitable for working time and daily life.


Criss-cross Low Ponytail
Differing from twisted ponytails, criss-cross low ponytail needs to part hair back into several strands, then criss-cross them into a low ponytail.
Above all move you? To have the more delicate ponytail hairstyles, you can see these ponytails With braids, ponytails with French braids and ponytails with Dutch braids and so forth. And if you were to create the long ponytails with braids, that’s sure to be rather nice, radiating the feeling of boho.

 Braid Wrapped Ponytail

Braid Wrapped Ponytail
To create this look, first you can braid a regular side French braid, then wrap the braid around the rest hair back into a ponytail. To secure it with bobby pin, then everything is finished.


French Braid into the low ponytail
This kind of ponytail is especially fit for long hair. It looks so subtle and feminine.


Side French Braid into a Side Ponytail
This kind of hairdo looks more complicated. But it’s also easy to create and shows elegance and romantic feeling.


Upside down French Braid Ponytail
This ponytail is special. You need braid the French braid from the back of your head upward to the crown of head. Then pull all the hair into a ponytail with an elastic. This kind of hairdo can keep itself well even after sleeping. It can show your nimble and graceful personality.


Ponytail with Dutch Braid
Dutch braid is different from the French braid that crosses braid over the head with every little section, bringing every section of the braid underneath. For ponytail with Dutch braid, after you make the Dutch braid, tie the Dutch braid and the rest hair into a ponytail. Then, the hairdo is finished, which will look full, expressing a beauty of messing.


Double Dutch Braid into a Ponytail
To perfectly make this kind of ponytail with double Dutch braid, your hair should be clean. And to contrast with former ponytail with Dutch braid, this hairdo looks bigger, fuller and a little more subtle.


Chunky Low Fishtail Ponytail
This kind of ponytail is one of cool styling hairstyles, since the messier it does, the cooler and better it is. So you can image it is the best for picnic, traveling and sports time.


Attached Fishtail Braid into a Ponytail
To medium or long hair, a great choice of ponytail is the ponytail that is attached a fishtail braid in above picture. It looks complicated? Don’t worry, it’s fairly simple. But it’s really an exquisite ponytail style, isn’t ?


Sleek Half Fishtail Low Ponytail
Certainly, this kind of ponytail needs your sleek straight hair as the necessary condition. Then twist your low ponytail into a fishtail not less than 2 inches but not too much. It’s simple and nimble.


High Fishtail Ponytail
When your hair is greasy but you have no enough time to tease it, you can do your hair into a high fishtail ponytail. Of course, to make a subtle fishtail, you need practice some time. And to make a perfect effect, the fishtail should be braided the tightly, the better.
Woo, so many ponytail hairstyles, how could you miss them in this summer! To get cooler, you can also escalate your ponytail into a simple bun or chignon. Let’s have a try!

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