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7 Trendy Hair Colors In 2016

Well, 2016 is already here now. It is time for us to keep up to date with the fashion, whether it is about clothes trends, hair color trends, hairstyle trends and so on. So, this is the case, and that’s why I introduce this “7 Trendy Hair Color In 2016” here to you. Keep on reading this article, and check which popular hair colors are your favorite.

It is more or less common sense for us that a new year usually goes with a new look. The new look will be prettier if it is not out of fashion. Therefore, it is important for us to get the fashion information that we are interested in, such as hair color trends and hairstyle trends. In case that we would like to make some changes in our look, it is suggested that we start from our hair.


In the content followed, there are pictures of celebrities who rocked or are rocking trendy hair colors fantastically. By admiring the awesome appearance of these popular hair colors, we can make it clear to some extent that whether these colors suit us or not, after considering our skin color, face shape, etc. Now, let’s have a look at part of the most trendy hair colors in 2016.


Blonde hair has never been out of style. Its variants have been rocked by a plenty of people. For those who already have blonde hair and are not ready to go with a darker shade, honey blonde is definitely something that satisfies them a lot.

Honey-Blonde-Hair-Color-Ideashoney Blonde_Hair_Color_Idea_2014_04


Do you find it difficult to distinguish from buttery blonde and honey blonde? Well, to be honest, there is a slight difference between these two blonde colors. For those who have blonde hair, these two shades are good options. From my point of view, I like honey blonde better. How about you?

buttery Blonde_Hair_Color_Idea_buttery Blonde_Hair_Color_Idea


Tell from the word “BRONDE”, we can find out that bronde hair shade is the blend of brunette and blonde. Bronde was one of the most popular hair colors in 2015. As a hair shade that looks spectacular and fascinating on everybody, it will be on trend in 2016 as well. Blake Lively and Cara Delevingne are the two celebrities who rocked bronde fabulously.


Creamy Yellow

Like buttery blonde and honey blonde, creamy yellow is one pretty hair color for girls with blonde hair. Look at the pictures below, don’t you think this hair color looks amazing?

creamy yellow


Strawberry gold is one of the hottest hair colors in 2015. Celebrities like Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams have amazed their fans by showing off the strawberry gold hair trend. Do I dare to dye my hair strawberry gold? Fine, I need to consult my hairstylist first, LOL!

strawberry-blondestrawberry gold blake-lively


Another bold hair color, just like strawberry gold. For those who dare to make big changes, champagne red hair color trend is so awesome. It is a hair color that will definitely turn heads.

champagne redLOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 30:  Actress Christina Hendricks arrives at the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards held at The Shrine Auditorium on January 30, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


Compared with strawberry gold hair, cinnamon hair shade is darker and it more vibrant and fiery. Those who choose this color can surely freshen up themselves and be the eye-catching point easily.

cinamon hair cinamon


Awesome Hair Color Ideas for 2015 Winter

It can not be denied that women are super creative when it comes to the ideas of standing out from the crowd. Speaking of these ideas, original colouristic solutions can be listed. There is no reason to deny that no matter how brilliantly your haircut or hairstyle flatters your face, the selection of a perfect hair color can spice up your hair look drastically. Your hair makeover tends to be much more awesome with fantastic hair colors.

Even though when choosing your hair color, you need to take into account a lot of factors, such as your skin tone, and the general degree of contrast between your hair, skin and eyes, there are still a wide variety of hair colors that will make you feel satisfied personally. In addition to a wide range of solid colors, highlights, lowlights, ombre or rainbows can be applied to your hairstyles to add more exclusiveness.

Well, because of the large amount of hair color available, you may be in need of some color inspiration, right? Here I am going to list some awesome hair color ideas that are popular in the winter of 2015.

Hair Color Trends in the Winter of 2015

 2015 winter hair color trend Image from Pinterestash blonde for holiday season images from pinteresash blondeImages from Pinterest
blonde hair color 2015 winter hair color trend
Image from Pinterest
  • Ash and cool blondes. There is no sign to reveal that blonde hair colors that look pretty awesome cool down in the winder of 2015. They are still being seen here and there, ranging from street snaps to fashion runways. These hair hues looks fabulous even with darker roots.
red hair with highlightsImage from Pinterest Dark red rich hair color with caramel highlights  (2)
Image from Pinterest
 Auburn with a bit of blonde highlights 
Image from Pinterest
Red auburn hair with caramel highlights
Image from Pinterest
  • Red auburn with highlights. Well, red auburn and highlights have been all the rage in 2015, and there is no exception to the cold winter. Auburn, the pretty hot hair color, warms up the cold weather in no minute, and its cooperation with trendy highlights makes it stand out from others easily.
purple hair colorImage from Pinterestpurple 
Image from Pinterest
Subtle plum locks
Image from Pinterest
Image from Pinterest
  • Eye-catching purples. Purple locks are so popular this season. They can be even to abreast of redheads to some extent and they are surely one scene in the cold winter.





Stop Getting Puzzled By “So-called” Hair Color Fading Problems


It seems that hair color fading is something that is unavoidable no matter you have your hair colored by yourself or done at the salon. To slow the process of color fading, our ladies have heard lots of dos and don’ts, but do they all really make sense? You may be surprised to learn that what you have insisted in are partially wrong or totally wrong.

Damaged Hair Accelerates Color Fading


Do your dyed hair get damaged? Do you take good care of your hair? How often do you flat iron and curl your hair? Do you know that hair color fades rapidly in damaged hair?

Actually, hair color can not hold lastingly on damaged hair. Cuticle of damaged hair does not seal down and hair color can escape through the unsealed cuticle. Hair tends to get damaged if it is over processed.

When your hair gets damaged, what you can do is to stop worsening it and prevent future damage. So you are suggested to consult your hair dresser on your hair products to help prevent future damage.

Hair Color Gets Stripped by Shampoo

wash hair

Do you know that your shampoo is stripping your hair color? Since there are lots of sulfates and harsh detergents in shampoos, a lot can be washed off when you are shampooing, including hair color that you have your hair dyed.

You may once hear that hair color fading can be avoided if you choose color safe shampoo. But the fact is that not only the type of shampoo, but also the frequency of your washing hair matters to color fading. No matter what kind of shampoo you use, you will strip your hair color if you wash your hair too often.

Therefore, you are suggested choosing shampoo that is sulfate free and color safe, and stopping washing your hair everyday.

Your Hair Get Faded by Sun Exposure

sun exposure

Do you realize that the sun is blamed to be one of the biggest culprits that strip off your hair color? Stop being fooled by the saying that effective sunscreen will block UV rays and keep hair from fading.

Actually, even the best sun screen fails to stop color fading from sun exposure completely. In case that you will spend a long time in the sun, bring a hat with you. It will do better in blocking UV rays than simply applying sunscreen. But remember to use hair products that has the function of Ultra Violet protection as well, since it can minimize sun exposure to some extent.

Water Temperature Matters To Hair Color Fading

water temperature

It is of possibility that you have heard the saying that rinsing hair in cold water can close cuticle to prevent fading your hair.

Warm to slightly cool water can help achieve your goal, only if you don’t use very hot water that can open your cuticle. Therefore, you don’t need to freeze yourself with cold water.

Deep Conditioning Helps Achieve A lot

deep conditioning

Some people think that deep conditioning treatments should be done at the salon and by professional hair stylists.

In fact, deep conditioning treatments at home are also effective and they are quite cost-effective. To make your hair color last longer, you can do a hair mask with a deep conditioning treatment once a week.