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wavy ombre shoulder hairstyle for women

2016 Fashion Shoulder Hairstyle for Women

The Summer of 2016 is coming, and the weather is becoming more and more hotter. It’s time to cut our winter long hair for a fresh hair style now. Shoulder hairstyle is fashion and full of youthfulness and vitality.  Now a lot of girls like to keep shoulder hairstyles. Different styles as long as different lengths it is. However, how to cut a good-looking shoulder hairstyle? That is the point. Following let’s talk about The 2016 Fashion Shoulder Hairstyles for Women.

2016 fashion shoulder hairstyle for women


Straight Asymmetric Shoulder Hairstyle

Let’s have a look at the asymmetric shoulder hairstyle, side parting bob hairstyle is very sweet and gentle, with the natural vertical smooth hair make the short hair style full of temperament. Of course, make it straighten will bring the same effect. The asymmetric length of hair can give you a different experience of side part, moreover, your face will looks more slime with this style, you can show people your favorite side, show others your best looking, which will be better with a nice earring.

asymmetric shoulder hairstyle for women


Straight Middle Parting Symmetrical Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Here is such a hair style, middle parting with honey blonde hair color,  It looks very sweet in the sun, natural straight to shoulder length brings girls a very light feeling and look younger.

symmetrical shoulder length hairstyle

This symmetrical shoulder length hairstyle looks so hot with her blonde hair, and the middle parting allows the hair to skim across her forehead, accentuating her eyes and mouth. By keeping the upper corners of her forehead concealed, This shoulder length hairstyle draws attention away from the top half of her face, making her overall profile seem less long and narrow, perfect matching with her clavicle, just so beautiful.


Shoulder Hairstyle with Choppy Bangs

This looks absolutely stunning with her long layer choppy bangs. This shoulder length hairstyle is feminine and chic, and the blonde hair color will gives girls complexion a beautiful glow. With the layered bangs and little wavy lengths, this hairstyle plays with different textures, giving it a modern edge. If you have a long face this will be a good opt for long bangs to conceal a high forehead.

choppy bangs shoulder hairstyle for women


Shoulder Hairstyle Blunt Bangs

This shoulder length hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous with its cute  and thick blunt bangs. This classic & feminine shoulder hairstyle ends just on the shoulder lead to the collarbone, making her eyes more charming. The blunt bangs are very sexy for the big eyes, as they conceal the high forehead, and simultaneously drawing attention to the eyes and nose. For a soft and romantic look, embrace the natural texture of your hair and don’t worry about a bit of fuzz.

shoulder hairstyle with blunt bangs for women


Wavy Ombre Shoulder Hairstyle

This wavy ombre shoulder hairstyle looks casual and free, especially with the shoulder long dip-dyed ombre. It is a great alternative to a medium-length hairstyle. This wavy style free to the collar-bone which is a flattering length for most face shapes. Dip-dye ombre isn’t just for long hair, a chic ombre is a good choice for whose who keen for colors. To keep the waves in place we can use a light hairspray, that would be perfect.

wavy ombre shoulder hairstyle for women

Curly Shoulder Hairstyle

Curly shoulder hairstyle looks sexy with the bouncy, curly asymmetrical or symmetrical hairstyle. Styled with a mass of curls to both sides, giving curly shoulder length hairstyle a playful and whimsical look. To get perfect structured curls like this, use a thick curly clip in hair extension to create big, glamorous curls style. Set your curls with some hairspray to keep them from unraveling on a night out. Actually, it looks more like a crown.

curly shoulder hairstyle


Some Tips for Your Mid-long Hair Bangs

Some Tips for Your Mid-long Hair Bangs

A Bang also called fringe is a great way which can totally  change your style of looking. That is why more and more girls are fond of keep a good looking long bang, However, when you want to keep a beautiful long bangs, but the bangs is not long enough, and you don’t have spare time to ask your stylist for help, then here comes some tips for you, so that you won’t need to worry about your mid-long hair bangs.

1. Weaving your bangs

When your bangs is of the mid-long status, you can separate your hair bangs based on 2:8 percentage and then weving them into the Scorpions-braids. Scorpion braid is a combination of retro and fashion hair braid, it is nice and romantic. An elegant scorpion braid hairstyle will make you rapidly enhance the temperament, making the whole shape of cute and cool. Then loosen the scorpion-braid with your fingers, so it won’t make your forhead looks so big.


But if your hair bangs is long enough, then you can directly wrap your braid around on your head and cover your bangs with the braids, make it looks without bangs style.

bangs wrap in your braids

2. Princess Style Bangs

If your hair bangs is long enough, you can split them from the middle into two parts and then tie them up on the back of your head, remember to loosen them with your fingers, then your hair won’t looks thin and collapse. Matching with your long hair, you will be the princess.

princess bangs style

3. Middle Part or Side Part Your Bangs

If you are owning a very full hair bangs, you can base on 7:3 percentage separate your bangs, it will allows your bangs full of layering taste.

full hair side part bangs

If you have a charming chin, then the middle part bang style will be a good choice for you, and make you face do not look so long and more beautiful.

perfect middle part bangs

4. Use the Clips

There is a convenitent way to keep your bangs which is using the clips. But please remember use the hair dryer blow your hair loose first, and clip part of your bangs with the hair, not all of them, only then can keep it look natural fluffy and won’t make you be a housewife look. Of course, there are lots of clips style you can make, sometimes, just cross the clips will make it look different too.
clip bang with hair

5. Use a Scarf or Hair Band

Another convenient way to keep the bangs, maybe it is using the scarf or hair band. You can completely surround the bangs with a scarf or hair band, which make you in a Hawaii vacation feeling and you do not need to worry about the bangs will block your sight or not. And there are so many beautiful scarf you can choose, just pick your style.

bangs with scarf or hair band

6. Make Bangs in Semi-tie Bun Style

If you are owning a small forehead and slim face, you can comb your bangs up and tie them into buns on your head entirely, but do not tie too much side hair together, let them decorate the face naturaly.

Bangs in Semi-tie Bun Style

If your forhead is a big one, then leave few layer bangs cover the forehead then tie the other bangs and hair into semi-tie bun style.

Half Bangs in Semi-tie Bun Style

I hope these have help you deal with your mid-long but not long enough bangs. When your bangs is long enough, then you will know everything is worthy.

Good Long bangs looking

Fashion Trendy Braid Styles in 2016

Notice it or not? There is a hot trendy hair styles fashion coming quietly to our life. What is it? If you have looked at the idols’ hair style, you will find that Braid Style is being more and more Popular in 2016, Really? Let’s have a look together the Fashion Trendy Braid Styles in 2016.

Fashion Trendy Braid Styles in 2016
First, look at January Jones’ recently hair style, she make her hair into three strands of twist tails and weaving them as a hair bun at the neck. No matter watch it from frnot or back, this braid style is not just of a great sense of fashion, but also perfect for those with short hair. Definetly the good news to the girls with short hair.

Fashion trendy briad style in 2016Let’s have a look at Karlie Kloss‘ hair, she braids her hair into two small strands of twist tails too, though her hair are not long, after laying them down to her shoulders, it still make her looks more lively and playful.

fashion trendy braid style 2016Kate Bosworth‘s Braid looks more like an crown on her head, she twists and braid her hair around on her head with a side part style, which make it looks more noble and of princess taste.

fashion trendy braids style 2016
However Amanda Seyfried choose to put her long hair and 4 little braids mixed together to make a feminine and slightly hippie style, beautiful, doesn’t she?

fashion trendy braid styles in 2016Cara Delevingne combine her braids and hair bun together which make her hair more cool neat sense.

fashion trendy braids style in 2016Rita Ora’s hairstyle is similar to Cara Delevingne’s, but because of the difference between hair color they owning, Rita Ora’s look more futuristic, matching with her big eyebow, that just so charming.

Rooney Mara braids 2016If you are those who pursuit stable girls, then you will find Rooney Mara‘s braided hair is just your taste. Twisting few bundles twist braids on the basis of her natural ponytail hair, then you can own your fresh and trendy hair style.

Laura Whitmore braids 2016Laura Whitmore’s braid style, in my opinion, will more fit for ladies. It compiles braids on the basis of long bangs, which will be a good balance to the twist tails’ girls uninhibited style.

fashion trendy braids style in 2016To me, i am more prefer the baby girl and mother Kim Kardashian’s family lovely braided hair style, is there anything can match to these daught and mother’s braid style of love? There always will be the focus when it comes to a cute girl and mother with the same braid style, they are not only just hair styles, but a precious memory for your daughter and you.

After looking all these idols’ fashion trendy hair braids, are you same with me that can’t wait to make a braids style of yours? Yeah, i am so delight to make one.

If you want to make yours, and lack of hair material, then you can have a look here, enjoy your braids style now!

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#8 Ash Brown Hair Extensions & Wigs

Congratulations! Taylor Swift becomes the most glorious winner on this 2015 Billboard Music Awards. She is definitely one of talent and diligent women musicians in recent years. All those awards she had got from she started her music career on have proved her. And without doubt, she has been a representative of the Fume Blanc in Juan. As we all know she likes making various hairstyles to foil herself. Do you see her neat and sexy image on the Awards? Catch your attention, right?

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, in the ash brown short hair, is enjoying her glorious moment. So many awards that her hands couldn’t completely hold on to them.
You can believe the ash brown hair will be a new trend hair color in the hairstyle and the market of hair extensions and wigs soon. Next we’ll see other glaring ash brown hairstyles.

Kristen Stewart

Beautiful Kristen Stewart wears her long and flowing ash brown hair.

Angelina Jolie

Graceful Angelina Jolie is in her intellectual and casual long ash brown hair.


This is the soft ash brown wavy hair look. Glamours, right?

#8 Ash Brown Hair

Above is the real experience with our ash brown human hair extensions, seamless and nice, isn’t it?

You can also have your fashion and attractive ash brown hair look regardless of which color your own hair in, short or long, wavy or curl. But please note that ash brown color hair will be better to foil the white skin color. Followings are more fascinating hair extensions and wigs in most people’s eyes. You can take them as the reference. We’ll ready to offer you the good quality ash brown hair at a great price. Other customization is also welcomed.

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