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Popular Ombre Hair Look in 2015

Well, ombre hair colors are still taken into account when it comes to the most popular hair colors in 2015 and even in the coming 2016. Among all sorts of ombre hair colors, which one has been the commonest seen in 2015? As for the most popular ombre hair colors, there are several options that are usually selected, like light medium brown roots with caramel shades at the hair ends.

16-inch-bright-ombre-clip-in-indian-remy-hair-extensions-straight-9pcs-22299-t__ 20-inch-fancy-three-colors-mbre-clip-in-indian-remy-hair-extensions-body-wave-9pcs-22337-t__

Blonde Ombre Hair Look

Blonde ombre hair like the one below is one popular hair look in 2015. The top part is in light medium brown, and the hair ends are in blonde hair. The blonde ombre hair color looks well especially on long hair. To spice long blonde ombre hair up, make it in body wave texture and dye it blonde highlight that is also one trendy hair color in 2015.

blonde ombre blonde ombre hair blonde ombre hair look

Brown Ombre Hair Look

There is a series of brown ombre hair looks that is popular among many people in 2015. As far as I am concerned, hair look with brown to bright golden-blonde ombre as well as a few of highlight strands from eye-level is very eye-catching, and the hair makeover will look much better when it is in a style that is long and goes with a center-parting and defined, tousles waves falling past the shoulder.

brown hair brownbrown ombre hair

Ash-blonde Ombre Hair Look

Well, brunette hair is so popular 2015, rocked by many people like celebrities to common people in ombre of highlight hair looks. As for brunette in ombre hair, the companion of as-blonde is definitely something quite awesome.

ash blonde hair color ash blonde ombre hair color ash blonde

Cold-warm Ombre Hair Look

Wearing hair color that looks pretty cool is something fantastic in cold winter. The combination of cool color and warm color is what suits the cold winter very well, like the combination of ash brown and pink . It is a stunning way to warm up your look in cold weather.

pink hair pink ombrepink ombre hair color

Copper Blonde Ombre Hair Look

The combination of copper blonde and rose-gold blonde is something pretty popular in 2015. Copper is one trendy hair color, and its companion makes the ombre more stunning.

copper blonde copper blonde ombre hair color copper ombre



How to Ombre Hair?


Have you seen there are so many attractive colorful hairstyles on the street, TV or magazines etc.? All kinds of hair colors are an enthusiastic scene in the summer. Why don’t own our own ombre hairstyles? They’re easy to create. Even you have the short and thin hair, you can still have your own colorful hair looks. Yes, you’re right. We can turn to hair extensions and wigs. And if you worry about those colors match on the extensions or wigs’ hair, you can buy natural color extensions or wigs and dye them like do to your own hair.
Of course, colors hairstyles include ombre hair, mixed hair, highlight hair, but they can share the same way to color. We’ll take the ombre hair as the example, which is the coloring technique for hair which makes the color of hair light to dark from the tip to the top, or dark to light from the tip to the top. How to ombre hair? It seems to be complicated. And with a little carelessness, the whole look would be ruined. That’s not a problem, please read following easy steps and do them in the right way.
It’s a traditional way, bleaching and dyeing. In this way, the top hair color would be darker, the bottom hair color would be lighter. Or the reverse, the root hair color lighter than the tip hair color. No matter to your own hair or to the extensions hair or to the wigs hair, to do the ombre hair should avoid choosing the color this is completely different from their natural shade. And try to make the change between two colors subtle so that the final look would be natural. But if the hair is enough long, and you want to ombre the hair into completely different colors, the case would be possible. Because with the enough long hair, colors could faded gradually throughout the hair length. The final look would be also natural. Of course, doing dyeing would do harm to hair, whichever is your genuine hair or the extensions hair or the wig hair. So we should shrink the damage as much as possible. Using the mild coloring way and right colors is vital.
Three steps to operate the bleach and dye method, getting started, bleaching hair and coloring hair.
First Step: Getting Started
The first step is selecting the color you want. This is the base of every other step. We should be careful about selecting the color to ombre hair. Like previous saying that we should select the color which works well with our natural hair color. For instance, if your hair is brunet. You have an option of different colors like a light shade of brown, a light shade of red and a light shade of blonde. The second important thing is to decide where the two colors should meet. If you make the two colors meet at a place too high on your hair, then it would look like your hair roots have grown out, odd. So it’d better to go for a safer option, jaw line, which will give us a better look than any other place. Of course, if you are not satisfied with only two colors meeting at this point, you can add more colors at different points.

Second Step: Bleaching Hair
If you are going for a traditional ombre hair way, then you need to use bleaching which will lighten the color of your hair. Taking the brunet as the example, you can also directly dye the hair into a blonde shade, to save yourself from the damage of the bleach, but it would not lighten much color as bleaching would do. Hence, bleaching can create the subtle ombre. Peroxide bleaching is a kind of bleaching. After mix the bleaching reagent, divide hair into as many sections as we want. Then utilize necessary tool to apply the bleaching reagent to our hair or the extensions/ wig hair. The most general and simple tool you can rely on is a tooth-brush or any a small brush. Then the most important is to do well in the fade line. There should being an even coat of bleaching over all the hair strands that are prepared to bleach to keep the color smooth. After the first time of bleaching, there will be the second bleaching starting at the tips. The second time should reduce the power comparing with the first time. Finish these, please wait for the magic of bleaching(Bleaching on the natural color hair, to witness the magic would need wait for 10-45 minutes.). The longer time within the maximum time to wait, the deeper to bleach.
However, please note when we mix the bleach reagent, we’d better do it in an open or an airy place. And wear an old T-shirt and a pair of latex gloves to avoid possible staining on clothes and protect hands. And after the magic shows, we can wash out the reagent with warm water and shampoo. Don’t forget to deep condition the hair to replenish necessary nutrients to keep hair in good condition.

Third Step: Coloring Hair
When it comes to the final step, it means you’re ready to enjoy your funky and nice ombre look. This process is also easy to do. First, it is still to part hair into sections as many as what you want to dye. Then use some bands or clips to secure those hair sections. And wear a pair of new gloves different from ones used during bleaching. Then prepare colors would be applied and brush them evenly all over those chosen hair. Next, let the color set and make the magic on the hair. Then, we can rinse out, shampoo and condition the hair once more. At last, enjoy our awesome ombre hair look.
To be safest, we can choose hair extensions or wigs to replace our own hair to be bleached and dyed in the same way. Meanwhile, we can also own our fabulous ombre hairstyles. Why not have a try? The pursuit of beauty is the right of all of us.