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wavy ombre shoulder hairstyle for women

2016 Fashion Shoulder Hairstyle for Women

The Summer of 2016 is coming, and the weather is becoming more and more hotter. It’s time to cut our winter long hair for a fresh hair style now. Shoulder hairstyle is fashion and full of youthfulness and vitality.  Now a lot of girls like to keep shoulder hairstyles. Different styles as long as different lengths it is. However, how to cut a good-looking shoulder hairstyle? That is the point. Following let’s talk about The 2016 Fashion Shoulder Hairstyles for Women.

2016 fashion shoulder hairstyle for women


Straight Asymmetric Shoulder Hairstyle

Let’s have a look at the asymmetric shoulder hairstyle, side parting bob hairstyle is very sweet and gentle, with the natural vertical smooth hair make the short hair style full of temperament. Of course, make it straighten will bring the same effect. The asymmetric length of hair can give you a different experience of side part, moreover, your face will looks more slime with this style, you can show people your favorite side, show others your best looking, which will be better with a nice earring.

asymmetric shoulder hairstyle for women


Straight Middle Parting Symmetrical Shoulder Length Hairstyle

Here is such a hair style, middle parting with honey blonde hair color,  It looks very sweet in the sun, natural straight to shoulder length brings girls a very light feeling and look younger.

symmetrical shoulder length hairstyle

This symmetrical shoulder length hairstyle looks so hot with her blonde hair, and the middle parting allows the hair to skim across her forehead, accentuating her eyes and mouth. By keeping the upper corners of her forehead concealed, This shoulder length hairstyle draws attention away from the top half of her face, making her overall profile seem less long and narrow, perfect matching with her clavicle, just so beautiful.


Shoulder Hairstyle with Choppy Bangs

This looks absolutely stunning with her long layer choppy bangs. This shoulder length hairstyle is feminine and chic, and the blonde hair color will gives girls complexion a beautiful glow. With the layered bangs and little wavy lengths, this hairstyle plays with different textures, giving it a modern edge. If you have a long face this will be a good opt for long bangs to conceal a high forehead.

choppy bangs shoulder hairstyle for women


Shoulder Hairstyle Blunt Bangs

This shoulder length hairstyle looks absolutely gorgeous with its cute  and thick blunt bangs. This classic & feminine shoulder hairstyle ends just on the shoulder lead to the collarbone, making her eyes more charming. The blunt bangs are very sexy for the big eyes, as they conceal the high forehead, and simultaneously drawing attention to the eyes and nose. For a soft and romantic look, embrace the natural texture of your hair and don’t worry about a bit of fuzz.

shoulder hairstyle with blunt bangs for women


Wavy Ombre Shoulder Hairstyle

This wavy ombre shoulder hairstyle looks casual and free, especially with the shoulder long dip-dyed ombre. It is a great alternative to a medium-length hairstyle. This wavy style free to the collar-bone which is a flattering length for most face shapes. Dip-dye ombre isn’t just for long hair, a chic ombre is a good choice for whose who keen for colors. To keep the waves in place we can use a light hairspray, that would be perfect.

wavy ombre shoulder hairstyle for women

Curly Shoulder Hairstyle

Curly shoulder hairstyle looks sexy with the bouncy, curly asymmetrical or symmetrical hairstyle. Styled with a mass of curls to both sides, giving curly shoulder length hairstyle a playful and whimsical look. To get perfect structured curls like this, use a thick curly clip in hair extension to create big, glamorous curls style. Set your curls with some hairspray to keep them from unraveling on a night out. Actually, it looks more like a crown.

curly shoulder hairstyle


Popular Ombre Hair Look in 2015

Well, ombre hair colors are still taken into account when it comes to the most popular hair colors in 2015 and even in the coming 2016. Among all sorts of ombre hair colors, which one has been the commonest seen in 2015? As for the most popular ombre hair colors, there are several options that are usually selected, like light medium brown roots with caramel shades at the hair ends.

16-inch-bright-ombre-clip-in-indian-remy-hair-extensions-straight-9pcs-22299-t__ 20-inch-fancy-three-colors-mbre-clip-in-indian-remy-hair-extensions-body-wave-9pcs-22337-t__

Blonde Ombre Hair Look

Blonde ombre hair like the one below is one popular hair look in 2015. The top part is in light medium brown, and the hair ends are in blonde hair. The blonde ombre hair color looks well especially on long hair. To spice long blonde ombre hair up, make it in body wave texture and dye it blonde highlight that is also one trendy hair color in 2015.

blonde ombre blonde ombre hair blonde ombre hair look

Brown Ombre Hair Look

There is a series of brown ombre hair looks that is popular among many people in 2015. As far as I am concerned, hair look with brown to bright golden-blonde ombre as well as a few of highlight strands from eye-level is very eye-catching, and the hair makeover will look much better when it is in a style that is long and goes with a center-parting and defined, tousles waves falling past the shoulder.

brown hair brownbrown ombre hair

Ash-blonde Ombre Hair Look

Well, brunette hair is so popular 2015, rocked by many people like celebrities to common people in ombre of highlight hair looks. As for brunette in ombre hair, the companion of as-blonde is definitely something quite awesome.

ash blonde hair color ash blonde ombre hair color ash blonde

Cold-warm Ombre Hair Look

Wearing hair color that looks pretty cool is something fantastic in cold winter. The combination of cool color and warm color is what suits the cold winter very well, like the combination of ash brown and pink . It is a stunning way to warm up your look in cold weather.

pink hair pink ombrepink ombre hair color

Copper Blonde Ombre Hair Look

The combination of copper blonde and rose-gold blonde is something pretty popular in 2015. Copper is one trendy hair color, and its companion makes the ombre more stunning.

copper blonde copper blonde ombre hair color copper ombre


#24 Ash Blonde Hair

So many people are keen to have a beautiful blonde hair look. And with a cool blonde hair look, you would look relax and lessen the hot feeling in sunny hot days. #24 ash blonde is one kind of blondes. And it is also endowed with ash element, being a subtle color. It can be naturally matching with many colors, relieving the clash among colors. Therefore, #24 ash blonde hairstyles and hair assistants are catching more and more attention. Even our most awards winner on 2015 Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift, loves the #24 ash blonde hair.


Would you need #24 ash blonde hair extensions or wigs to help you create your own cool ash blonde hair looks? You could scan those ones.

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Of course, to have the pure ash blonde hairstyles may not meet your requirements. Meanwhile, to be fashionable, you could attempt ash blonde mixed hair, ash blonde ombre hair or ash blonde balayge hair. Look! Those hair looks are unusual, right? You can also get your own chic and dyed ash blonde hair without dyeing. We could offer the high quality customization. Or you could get what you would like by inspired from those hair and looks.

Brazilian Remy Hair Body Wave #4 and 24 Mixed Weft Sets

ash blonde with highlights and lowlights short hair ash blonde blend long hair ash blonde with highlights and caramel balayge hair ash blonde ombre long wavy hair ash blonde balayge with a chocolate brown base

Golden Ombre Clip In Human Hair Extensions Three Tone Body Wave

Golden Ombre Clip In Human Hair Extensions Three Tone Body Wave

The above hair is one kind of popular ombre hair extensions at our goods website. It’s the #2(dark brown)-#30(medium auburn)-#27(strawberry blonde)ombre hair extensions. Varying to different ratios of these three colors ombre, there could be different sophisticated hair looks on each one. So many customers like them. And some of them are willing to share their beautiful experience with the hair. You can see.

Golden Ombre Clip In Human Hair Extensions Three Tone Body WaveGolden Ombre Clip In Human Hair Extensions Three Tone Body Wave