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The Best Celebrity Bobs in Summer Time

In summer time, short haircuts are more popular. Take our favorite style icons-stars in the entertainment circle as the example, they certainly lead the short hairstyle trend. Now let us have a look at some best bobs of them first.
Please note: if you’re unlike cutting your hair but eager to try those bob hairstyles, or you need help to create the bob hairstyle, you could turn to bob wigs. There is no doubt that human hair wigs will be better choices. As for following bob hairstyles, we can custom the same bob wigs only if you need them. Any question, please feel free to contact us at hpbservicecenter@gmail.com any time.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway
Hathaway’s bob is quintessential and customized for her— allowing Hathaway’s facial features to be the focal point of her look. She looks more exquisite.


Although this short bob is just an unimportant haircut to Beyonce. But this chin-length chop is neat and cool for summer time. So how could we miss it?


Dakota Johnson
This kind of bob hair is the symmetric wavy short haircut. And with the less blunt bang, the whole haircut helps Johnson to keep young.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke
The Mother of Dragons surprises us all with her shorter lock this summer. In general, we impress with her remarkable role characters- glorious golden mane on GoT and the hair color will return in winter. While Emilia in real life in this bob haircut is sweet, right?

Emma Stone

Emma Stone
Stone’s short wavy layers haircut is more like lob than bob, and it looks chic and stylish.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez
Changing the hairstyle from bombshell haircut to the short bob with waved ends, Lopez exudes a feeling of mature feminine, still glaring and attractive.

Katie Holmes
Holmes’ sleek straight bob, with blunt straight bangs, is the epitome of neatness and elegance.

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington
Washington plays with short wavy texture that’s uncomplicated and a little less “Olivia” than we’re used to. The haircut looks exquisite.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart
Stewart’s side-swept bob, paired with her iconic smoky eye, is cool. But matching with her whole face characters, Stewart is still fresh.

Kristen Wiig
Kristen Wiig
Our favorite funny girl goes punk style with simple strawberry blond short haircut. You can see her cool besides cute.

Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie
Robbie’s punkish pushed-back bob takes on the feeling of the queen. If you also have the short bob when you couldn’t deal with your shorter layers over the face, you could do as the stylish of Robbie’s do, using some hairspray to keep the shorter hair back.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams
Williams is a perpetually platinum in our dreams. Pixie, lob, or bob style—she can beat them all. Even with her stunning strands carry an effortless lightest blonde and straight ends, she still looks elegant.

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling bobbed her hair! The “Mindy Project” star debuted a chic short bob the 17th Costume Designers Guild Awards with presenting sponsor Lacoste at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 17, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. Then she thanked her stylist for the “dreamy cut.”

Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert
Lambert’s simple side swept natural blonde bob, glaring and smooth, perfectly matches with her rocker-chic vibe. Frankly speaking, this kind of bob is almost versatile. It can foil and match well with many people.

Rachel Mcadams
Rachel Mcadams
Mcadams’ somewhat polish bob matches well with her ultra-feminine outfit, showing her plunging neckline.


Rihanna’s this kind of bob haircut is neat and fairly nice. Especially, the hair looks much smooth and glamorous. It’s the black side swept asymmetrical short bob.

Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike
Pike’s asymmetrical bob is ever-changing. One side is wavy, the other side is straight. And wavy one day, stick-straight the next, is also possible. Pike proves there is nothing boring about this haircut herself.


How to Ombre Hair?


Have you seen there are so many attractive colorful hairstyles on the street, TV or magazines etc.? All kinds of hair colors are an enthusiastic scene in the summer. Why don’t own our own ombre hairstyles? They’re easy to create. Even you have the short and thin hair, you can still have your own colorful hair looks. Yes, you’re right. We can turn to hair extensions and wigs. And if you worry about those colors match on the extensions or wigs’ hair, you can buy natural color extensions or wigs and dye them like do to your own hair.
Of course, colors hairstyles include ombre hair, mixed hair, highlight hair, but they can share the same way to color. We’ll take the ombre hair as the example, which is the coloring technique for hair which makes the color of hair light to dark from the tip to the top, or dark to light from the tip to the top. How to ombre hair? It seems to be complicated. And with a little carelessness, the whole look would be ruined. That’s not a problem, please read following easy steps and do them in the right way.
It’s a traditional way, bleaching and dyeing. In this way, the top hair color would be darker, the bottom hair color would be lighter. Or the reverse, the root hair color lighter than the tip hair color. No matter to your own hair or to the extensions hair or to the wigs hair, to do the ombre hair should avoid choosing the color this is completely different from their natural shade. And try to make the change between two colors subtle so that the final look would be natural. But if the hair is enough long, and you want to ombre the hair into completely different colors, the case would be possible. Because with the enough long hair, colors could faded gradually throughout the hair length. The final look would be also natural. Of course, doing dyeing would do harm to hair, whichever is your genuine hair or the extensions hair or the wig hair. So we should shrink the damage as much as possible. Using the mild coloring way and right colors is vital.
Three steps to operate the bleach and dye method, getting started, bleaching hair and coloring hair.
First Step: Getting Started
The first step is selecting the color you want. This is the base of every other step. We should be careful about selecting the color to ombre hair. Like previous saying that we should select the color which works well with our natural hair color. For instance, if your hair is brunet. You have an option of different colors like a light shade of brown, a light shade of red and a light shade of blonde. The second important thing is to decide where the two colors should meet. If you make the two colors meet at a place too high on your hair, then it would look like your hair roots have grown out, odd. So it’d better to go for a safer option, jaw line, which will give us a better look than any other place. Of course, if you are not satisfied with only two colors meeting at this point, you can add more colors at different points.

Second Step: Bleaching Hair
If you are going for a traditional ombre hair way, then you need to use bleaching which will lighten the color of your hair. Taking the brunet as the example, you can also directly dye the hair into a blonde shade, to save yourself from the damage of the bleach, but it would not lighten much color as bleaching would do. Hence, bleaching can create the subtle ombre. Peroxide bleaching is a kind of bleaching. After mix the bleaching reagent, divide hair into as many sections as we want. Then utilize necessary tool to apply the bleaching reagent to our hair or the extensions/ wig hair. The most general and simple tool you can rely on is a tooth-brush or any a small brush. Then the most important is to do well in the fade line. There should being an even coat of bleaching over all the hair strands that are prepared to bleach to keep the color smooth. After the first time of bleaching, there will be the second bleaching starting at the tips. The second time should reduce the power comparing with the first time. Finish these, please wait for the magic of bleaching(Bleaching on the natural color hair, to witness the magic would need wait for 10-45 minutes.). The longer time within the maximum time to wait, the deeper to bleach.
However, please note when we mix the bleach reagent, we’d better do it in an open or an airy place. And wear an old T-shirt and a pair of latex gloves to avoid possible staining on clothes and protect hands. And after the magic shows, we can wash out the reagent with warm water and shampoo. Don’t forget to deep condition the hair to replenish necessary nutrients to keep hair in good condition.

Third Step: Coloring Hair
When it comes to the final step, it means you’re ready to enjoy your funky and nice ombre look. This process is also easy to do. First, it is still to part hair into sections as many as what you want to dye. Then use some bands or clips to secure those hair sections. And wear a pair of new gloves different from ones used during bleaching. Then prepare colors would be applied and brush them evenly all over those chosen hair. Next, let the color set and make the magic on the hair. Then, we can rinse out, shampoo and condition the hair once more. At last, enjoy our awesome ombre hair look.
To be safest, we can choose hair extensions or wigs to replace our own hair to be bleached and dyed in the same way. Meanwhile, we can also own our fabulous ombre hairstyles. Why not have a try? The pursuit of beauty is the right of all of us.

Perfect Hairstyles for Passionate Summer

Summer is coming. My heart is racing. How about you? I can eat delicious ice-creams and sandwiches. I can show my beautiful dresses and skirts. I can enjoy the sunbathing. I can wear my chic bikinis playing on the beach etc. The most important is it’s time to carry out my travel plan. I feel everything full of passion. So many activities can do, how could no perfect hairstyles match? I have found some. Let’s enjoy them to various occasions.

1. Rihanna's Side-Parted -Long-Waves
1. Rihanna’s Side-Parted Long Waves
Rihanna’s this carefree long waves seems to be effortlessly tossed to one side, which gives off the feeling of low key but elegance. In fact, Rihanna’s hairstylist Ursula Stephen has sprayed some sea salt spray over Rihanna’s hair strands to get the natural wavy texture. Then pulling back more hair one side. A few bobby pins are used to keep the shape well. At last, spray some moist spray. When we create this kind of hairstyle, we can spray an oil-infused version as the sea salt spray. Others can be the same.

2. Keira Knightley's Windswept Updo
2.Keira Knightley’s Windswept Updo
Do you want to add the extra charm to your straightened or originally straight hair with a summer hairstyle? Following Keira Knightley, who opts for an easy chignon that was anything but over-coiffed. On her dry strands, the hairstylist Ken Paves applies a styling spray for extra lift, then smooth over her layers with a round brush and dryer. After finishing a section, he wraps each layer around a nylon roller to set, then spray the styling spray again to lock the shape. Then Paves pins all those layers into the chignon on the back head, allowing a few wispy strands to fall around Keira Knightley’s face.

3. Nathalie Emmanuel's Voluminous Curls
3. Nathalie Emmanuel’s Voluminous Curls
Do you have the stunning natural curls like Nathalie Emmanuel’s? If yes, that would be nice to create the same hairstyle like hers, which will not require much to bring out; if not, it’s also okay. You can curl your hair into the small curls first. Then to do the hairstyle like Nathalie Emmanuel’s hairstylist Neeko does. First, clean the hair. Then concentrate a small amount of styling cream around the outline of the hair. And spend much work to part the whole shape. Then, use some hairspray to soft the hair to make all the hair look natural. This hairstyle is cute and graceful. Even to prepare it for the red carpet, that’s fabulous.

4. Beyonce's High Ponytail
4. Beyonce’s High Ponytail
Looking at Beyonce’s this I Dream of Jeannie-esque updo, matching with her a little avant garde dress for the Met Gala. The simple and sleek high ponytail in the pattern of Queen Bey’s makes the whole image of Beyonce fashionable and characteristic, consuming many many films. To do up the same hairstyle, the most import is to create the feeling of Queen Bey’s. So to place the ponytail right is vital. We can follow the natural line of our cheekbones and gather our hair at our crown or a little higher. Then ensure all the hair into a ponytail with a nylon hair elastic. Then pull out a small section of the ponytail following hair to wrap around the elastic and tuck the hair ends into the elastic. It’s simple, right? It’s also fit for wearing in daily life and on traveling.

5. Joan Smalls' Braided Half-Updo
5. Joan Smalls’ Braided Half-Updo
In some circumstances, we have to do up our hair when it is wet. Take it easy, we can keep our images well then. We can turn to do our hair like Joan Smalls’, half-up hairstyle. So we can simply pin the hair back, and let the summer wind air the rest. First, we can precisely center part our hair; then overall apply styling mousse on the hair; then grab and twist two small sections on either side of the head into plaits, just above ears; then pin both braids into a X-shape at the head back, letting the rest air naturally fall.

6. Jennifer Lopez's Sky-High Top Knot
6. Jennifer Lopez’s Sky-High Top Knot
Do you know how to do up your long hair? The most casual style you can choose is to do a top knot, like Jennifer Lopez does. This kind of high top knot style looks neat and can show off the charming neckline at the same time. Following the hairstylist of Jennifer Lopez’s, Juan Carlos Maciques, apply mousse over the hair and blow dry all the hair into a full and bouncy wavy look. Then gather all hair at the top of the head into a knot, utilizing pins to ensure it.

7. Blake Lively's Retro Waves
7. Blake Lively’s Retro Waves
With a volume of hair from top to tip, we can do up a hairstyle like Blake Lively’s, which is a retro wavy hairstyle, dating back to 1970s fashion hair look in China, deep side part but line up with the bottom of one of the eyebrows, defined and cascading waves. As Blake Lively’s hairstylist Rod Ortega does, after waves have been set, spray moist hair spray over layer waves first, then set hair in the same direction on one side of Lively’s head, flip the hair over and comb them through. On the other side of Lively’s head, Ortega French-braids a piece of braid toward the head back and pins it into the place. At last, spray some hairspray. This kind of hairstyle is a bonus for night party. Why not it be a nice hairstyle for our sunny traveling?

8. Olivia Palermo's Tousled Braid.img
8. Olivia Palermo’s Tousled Braid
Neat hairstyles are glamorous, important for comparatively formal occasions. But tousled hairstyles can express different beauty and charm, too. Like Olivia Palermo’s this hair look, it’s mixed textures. First, it needs to prepare hair with a generous amount of hair gel. Then it needs to use dried fingers to comb the hair. Then braid a three-strand French braid, when it comes to the middle of the braid, braid the four-strand braid to finish the mixed textures. At last, spray some hairspray to insure the hairstyle. Certainly, we can also dye our hair to make the whole hairstyle more cool, like Olivia Palermo’s.

9. Kim Kardashian's Sleek Low Pony
9. Kim Kardashian’s Sleek Low Pony
As the classic hairstyle, ponytail never be out of date. I have introduced Beyonce’s high ponytail is one of the perfect hairstyles in summer. What about the low ponytail? Look at Kim Kardashian’s sleek low pony attending the Met Gala. Is it really nice and noble? The simple ponytail perfectly foil the fancy dress again. Of course, this kind of hairstyle is definitely practical in daily life and traveling. And even if our own hair isn’t the straight hair, there is no problem to create this hair look. Singly using a flat iron can make a genuine straight effect. Then, pull all hair toward the nape of our neck and apply some hairspray to control some flyaway hair, but leave some hair to be braided and wrap the braid around the ponytail holder. Finally, spray some glossing spray to give the whole hairstyle the natural but glassy gloss.

10. Jessica Alba's Perfect Blowout
10. Jessica Alba’s Perfect Blowout
Which kind of hairstyle does Jessica Alba belong to in above picture? It seems to be rather easy, right? It’s a short bob. The hairstylist of Jessica Alba’s uses some mousse to prepare the hair, then straighten the hair, especially the hair ends, so to lock the sleek look. Couldn’t be easier! This hair look is also versatile.

11. Darby Stanchfield's Intricate Plaits
11.Darby Stanchfield’s Intricate Plaits
Darby Stanchfield’s that hairstyle looks like the milkmaid braids. But who can say it isn’t a cool and standard hairstyle in summer? In addition, even with the milkmaid braids, Darby Stanchfield is nice and sweet, taking on the trend on Hollywood. The hairstylist, Bridget Brager, first part the hair of Darby Stanchfield’s in the middle, then create a Dutch braid on each side of the head starting at the front parting, downward the natural hairline until the ears. Then create four more braids at the head back, two of which are fishtails running from the corners behind ears toward the nape of the neck, the another two of which are regular braids with the remaining hair. Then rolled all those four braids together into a bun. It’s intricate. But it’s cool and a second-day hairstyle. And it isn’t limited to occasions.
Do you find more perfect hairstyles in summer? Let’s have a try and enjoy our passionate summer time.