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Hair Splitting

It’s summer time. In the hot and fair sun, we can release our passion. But meanwhile, we should protect our delicate skin. Don’t forget to protect our charming hair, either. Experiencing the baking from sun for a long time, hair will be in breakage. One of the obvious symptoms is hair ends split. You and I could admit it’s a fact that hair ends split happens to everyone. And if there are serious split hair ends, it will affect our attractive hairstyles. How to do? More than sitting before a mirror, pick out those split hair ends and cut them down. You should realize that as well as me our hair also need to protect and care.

Split Ends
In addition, in daily life, other elements can also lead to hair ends split. Such as, using the wrong comb or brush. Never use a brush with metal or plastic bristlesWe can use the natural bristle brush, because those natural bristles can be gentle on our hair and reduce breakage when they are used to smooth our hair. Certainly, we can also utilize the wide-tooth comb. Especially, when we have the wavy or curly hair. To avoid hair tangling, we can use some conditioner over the hair, then use a wide-tooth comb to detangle during hair washing. Wearing the tight rubber elastics could cause hair split. From now on, we could go for nylon ones instead. Over heating drying and styling can cause splitting as well. That refers to too much heating drying and styling. But if the daily blow-dry and heating styling couldn’t leave out. We should do well in protective measures before do that. That means to use moist conditioning spray.
As our natural hair on head, there is constant nutrition to actively repair hair breakage to some degree. It still needs to protect and care. How to treat our human hair extensions or human hair wigs? Of course, we should also protect and care them to have those hair pieces in good quality for a longer time.
It’s the right time.