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Trendy Haircuts for Homecoming Day

When the summer vacation comes to its half way, we can start the best preparation for the homecoming day, especially to our girls. New and fashionable dresses and accessories are necessary. The well-matched haircuts also need cost time to choose. According to some feasible datum, there are some trendy and glamorous haircuts for your reference.

Zooey Deschanel
Bangs and Curls
Make a big statement and try thick, blunt bangs like Zooey Deschanel’s. And keep the rest hair to be long and layered.

Taylor Swift
The New Look on Mullet for Taylor Swift
Love all things ’70s? Taylor Swift’s new look taking on the Mullet not only adds a classic feeling, but also do to be modern on her. Because this is Taylor. Your next salon appointment couldn’t miss this look.

Miley Cyrus
Voluminous Ombre Waves Bob
If you want your hair to like Miley Cyrus’ in this picture, to try a wavy bob with lots of layers and brown to blonde ombre body. This haircut will make you look fresh and cool at the same time.

Kristen Wiig
Choppy Layers
To add edges to a short, choppy haircut like Kristen Wiig’s, simply this cut will take a bit of styling wax on the tip hair.

Kerry Washington
Full and Curly Lob
On the homecoming day, to be the point the lights and attention are paid to, you could wear like Kerry Washington’s on the Hollywood red carpet, a full and curled lob.

Julia Robert
Long Layers
If your own hair or hair pieces are enough long, you can try Julia Robert’s flattering haircut, which is casual but also charming.

Courteney Cox
Casual and Medium Long
This haircut seems to be similar to the last one on Julia Robert’s except for the hair color. But this one is shorter than the last one. And this cut can be made out of original straight hair, or wavy hair or even curled hair. Look! On Courteney Cox’s head, it’s simple and graceful.

Emma Stone
Short and Loose Layers Red Copper Bob
At first, the red copper hair would catch some attention. And making the front sections of the hair into curls, the rest hair to be casual flyaways. Your candid personality will show, which will add your affinity and catch more guys’ attention. You’ll be the star like Emma Stone.

Scarlett Johansson
Fluffy Waves Bob
Scarlett Johansson’s this bob haircut seems to be mussy. But it is shaped in fact. It’s rather easy to do up. Just follow your natural texture of our hair, after washing, tousle and air dry the hair, the look goes out.

Ombre and Long Wavy Flowing
Long, loose waves never go out of style. They’re so romantic. Like Selena Gomez, to show the goddess feeling.

Kristen Stewart
Sleek Ombre Bob
Here’s to the ’60s! Kristen Stewart’s sleek style combined with short layers at her crown and longer ones closer to her face, a T-stage or drama style, neat and characteristic.

Kristen Bell
Cute Layers Lob
The shoulder-grazing lob on Kristen Bell looks cute and sweet. It’s versatile for any occasion, even your own hair or hair pieces are a little longer than this length. It’s easy to style. Just a simple lob with a little wavy.

Glossy Highlight and Medium Long
With lovely wavy layers and some other color on Gabrielle’s brown hair, this medium long haircut is glossy and fabulous. And it will be fit for any kind of skin color and face shape.
There must be someone for you. If you need, some hair pieces will help you to create the best haircut to you. We’re always ready to help all of you.

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#8 Ash Brown Hair Extensions & Wigs

Congratulations! Taylor Swift becomes the most glorious winner on this 2015 Billboard Music Awards. She is definitely one of talent and diligent women musicians in recent years. All those awards she had got from she started her music career on have proved her. And without doubt, she has been a representative of the Fume Blanc in Juan. As we all know she likes making various hairstyles to foil herself. Do you see her neat and sexy image on the Awards? Catch your attention, right?

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, in the ash brown short hair, is enjoying her glorious moment. So many awards that her hands couldn’t completely hold on to them.
You can believe the ash brown hair will be a new trend hair color in the hairstyle and the market of hair extensions and wigs soon. Next we’ll see other glaring ash brown hairstyles.

Kristen Stewart

Beautiful Kristen Stewart wears her long and flowing ash brown hair.

Angelina Jolie

Graceful Angelina Jolie is in her intellectual and casual long ash brown hair.


This is the soft ash brown wavy hair look. Glamours, right?

#8 Ash Brown Hair

Above is the real experience with our ash brown human hair extensions, seamless and nice, isn’t it?

You can also have your fashion and attractive ash brown hair look regardless of which color your own hair in, short or long, wavy or curl. But please note that ash brown color hair will be better to foil the white skin color. Followings are more fascinating hair extensions and wigs in most people’s eyes. You can take them as the reference. We’ll ready to offer you the good quality ash brown hair at a great price. Other customization is also welcomed.

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